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This could be you?
  • Have you ever thought about becoming an Educarer with JeMMa’s?
  • Are you finding that going back to work isn’t easy?
  • Have you considered looking after peoples children in your home?
  • If this sounds like you, click the link below for more information
West Harbour

Hi my name is Bev, I work for JeMMas Homebased Education and Childcare, I have children of my own and two of them are twins so I have had plenty of experience in childcare.

Previously I have also worked in before school and after school care and vpreschool. My passion is providing quality care and education for children.

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Blockhouse Bay

My own two sons and one daughter have now grown up. Two are living in Australia while my last-born still resides with me, my husband plus our 15 year old tortoise shell cat.

Some interests I share with children include cats, birds and insects, especially the Monarch butterfly.

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Glen Eden

I’m Arlene and I have lived in Glen Eden for the last 15 months. I’m a friendly outgoing person who loves to use my time to look after young children. In the time I have been working for JeMMa’s, I have welcomed lots of children and families into my home. I help them learn how to make new friends and provide lots of interesting activities. What I love about my job is watching little ones grow and learn new things.

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I started in childcare more than 10 years ago, I’m from Syria. I was previously a teacher in primary school. I have studied law for four years in Syria prior to coming to New Zealand. As a Educarer I see the importance of children developing in the early years. I have a love for writing and I have published many books in the Arabic language and also in English and French.

The languages I speak are Arabic and English. It is through this communication that one can express themselves like children do in the early years, having a great imagination which I love them to explore and tell beautiful stories through expression.

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Hello my name is Subia and I live in the Flatbush area. I live with my husband and two daughters. I have completed my Masters in English Literature from India. I have worked as a Teacher Aid at the local school in New Zealand for three years. I have also assisted and supported teachers in the classroom. It brings joy to work with children to develop their knowledge, familiarity with oral language, concepts of science through play and investigation

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I am Heba and I live in Avondale. I was born in Egypt and I have been in Auckland for the last 11 years. I am married and I have two daughters, 14 years old and 8 years old. I have been with JeMMa’s for the last three years, I have opened my home to children since 2006. I love my job as an Educarer looking after children under five years old.

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Janine H

Hi, my name is Janine Howie. I am a qualified early childhood teacher and mum of four beautiful children. One of whom has life threatening allergies, so comfortable and very aware around children with allergies. I really enjoy the varied experiences home based care offers children, such as Mainly Music, Storytime, playgroups and regular everyday outings and events.

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New Lynn

My name is Reena Devi. I am originally from Fiji. I have been in New Zealand for the last eight years. I live in Margan Avenue, New Lynn. I have 30 years of experience in looking after children. I live very close to New Lynn Primary School, Bunnings, local library, opposite to New Lynn Seventh Day Adventist Church, walking distance from Lynn Mall, children’s park and next to Manawa Water land Reserve Park.

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Hi, my name is Judy, I live in Alfriston, South Auckland, on a rural property, which includes chickens, cows and sheep. Being an animal lover I have 3 cats also. I have worked with children since my first son was born back in 1992, I have 2 more children Boy 21 and a girl aged 10yrs. I started with home based care originally to have other company for my son and just loved working with children and have done so ever since. I have previously worked for Barnardo’s as I lived in Waitakere West Auckland.

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Gemma pic-451

Hi! I’m Gemma and I have four boys all in their teens now. I’ve been looking after small kids for over 7 years now before joining Jemma’s recently.

Having small kids around the house is always an adventure. I take pride in seeing these little ones learn as they grow.

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Jo Smith Pic-606-2491
Jo S

My name is Jo, My husband and I have a 16 year old daughter. I have been with JeMMa’s for the past 15 years and am still full of enthusiasm and passion for caring for children in my own home.

I first started as an Educarer as I wanted to be at home with my daughter. I have worked as a nanny and a house parent in children’s home on my OE and I knew back then that I wanted to continue working with younger children.

I offer a warm, safe, family environment where children can grow, thrive and learn on a one-to-one basis but also in a close knit group.

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My name is Shelley (Xuepin). I am from China and I have been in New Zealand for 11 years. I live with my daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter in Browns Bay on the North Shore, Auckland. My grand-daughter is named Cecilia and she is a lovely girl. All of my family members are Christians and at all times we respect Christian values. I have a harmonious and happy family.

When I lived in China, I worked as an Electronic Engineer and an Engineering Project Manager. I started to work as an Educarer for JeMMa’s three years ago. I have cared for 23 children over the past three years, most on a regular basis, but when space allows I help out with emergency care when required.

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Hello my name is Genna.

I have lived in Helensville my entire life and love it here. I have a young baby and two older step children. I believe in children receiving a great up bringing and having the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

I love being able to see and watch children grow and develop essential skills in all areas and also help them to do this.

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Green Bay

Hi, my name is Gihan.

I am originally from Egypt, moved to NZ 3 years ago. I am married and I have a 10 year old girl. We live in Green bay, Waitakere. Before moving to NZ, I used to work at a day care for 4 years looking after children up to 5 years of age.

I enjoy helping children to learn in a fun loving environment. I enjoy lots of games and activities that help children to acquire new skills and grow self-confidence. I enjoy painting, music, dough play, outdoors, number games and basic math activities and much more.

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My family and I enjoy making use of local parks and beaches for picnics and walks in our spare time. We have an old dog who loves to get out and share in the adventures with us. Both my daughter and I like art and crafts, painting, scrapbooking, photography, etc. Soccer is our favourite sport. We have all played and enjoy getting out to kick a ball around when we can. We also love music - my son is involved in a singing and dancing group and we love to go watch him perform.

I started as an Educarer with JeMMa’s in 2012, after two years in an early childhood centre and ten enjoyable years of working with young children with special needs.

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My name is Kirsten and I am 27 years old. I have been working with children since I was 17, starting in pre-schools. I have my Nanny Certificate, my Level Three ECE certificate and a current First Aid Certificate. I started as an Educarer with JeMMa’s in 2007 and I’m loving it!

At my home I provide a safe and stable learning programme to suit each child, not only to their ages but to their developmental stages too. I always make sure the children are having fun while learning. We do a lot of arts and crafts and go to the park as often as we can.  We make weekly trips to the library and all sorts of other places too.

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liz hargraves pic-592-233-4591
Liz H
Massey/Royal Heights

Introducing, Lizzie’s House

At Lizzie’s House we feel safe and we have fun. We play with our bestest friends, and we grow into our biggest people.
Hi, my name is Liz and I provide home childcare services in the Massey/Royal Heights area. I have been a Home Educarer on and off for 9 years and have been working with Jemma’s home based services for 2 years. I have a Level 3 certificate in ECE Teaching, and a degree in Zoology from my life before children. My own children are 12 and 15.

Home based childcare is a warm and supportive place of learning for young pre-school children.

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Marie pic-3631

Hi my name is Marie. I live in the lovely area of Ranui.I have been engaged within the homebased learning field with JeMMa's over fifteen years. I come with much experience and wisdom, providing children with quality learning and adventure.We explore the outdoors,attend the JeMMa's playgroup weekly whole also attending a story time weekly at Ranui library.

I Provide opportunities for children to lead their learning and become curious explorers within a safe nurturing space. If you would like a happy friendly Educarer who provides quality care I am the Educarer for your family.

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Mulki pic-3571

I am twenty six years of age and I am the mother of one child. I am a fun loving Educator that enjoys children. I offer a home with a pet free, smoke free learning environment. I offer educational activities including interactive toys for children to learn through play.

I am fluent in three languages these are Arabic, Somalian and English. I will ensure you will have the highest level of quality care for your children.

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Nurzahan    pic-81411
Henderson Heights

Hi my name is Nurzahan and I live in Henderson Heights. I am a mother of a 2 year old boy and I have a great passion for children of all ages. I have four years overseas teaching experience with young children. I can offer a safe, family environment with activities such as painting, water play, gardening, books, puzzles and music.

My home is conveniently located near the train station with a secure fenced outdoor area, which is a two minute walk from the park. I enjoy teaching and extending  babies and children with rhymes, storytelling and singing songs. I have two spaces available and would love to meet you.

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Rozia Saheed-6631

Hello, my name is Rozia. I live in McLeod Rd, Henderson. I live with my husband and my son. I speak English and Hindi. I have always loved children, being with them, providing them with opportunities for positive learning.

I enjoy doing activities such as painting, art, reading books, physical play and many more activities for them to learn and grow. I guarantee that children in my care will be very comfortable and secure.

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Hi, my name is Serin and I live in Glendene. I have lived here for the last 13 years. I am originally from Fiji and I’m Fiji Indian. I live with my husband and 15 year old daughter, who is in Year 10 at Kelston Girls High School. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking and meeting people.

I have been with JeMMa’s since February 2012 and have completed a First Aid Course. Before joining JeMMa’s, I did volunteer work at a daycare centre for four months. I have a great passion for working with children. I treat all children the same with love and respect. 

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Jemmas Website caregivers page r5 c7

Hi, my name is Wendy and I live in Henderson. I have lived out in West Auckland for about 12 years. I was born and bred on the North Shore and moved to Australia in 1985 for a period of eight years, but returned back home. I am a single parent and live with my two children, Angus who is age 9 and AIley aged 8. Both children go to primary school here in Henderson.

This year, I took an interest in my daughter's netball team and was the Manager for part of the season. During the weekends, I enjoy catching up with friends for coffee, going to the movies, gardening and reading when I can. 

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Mt Roskill

Hello my name is Nurun, I am an Educarer with JeMMa’s in the area of Mt Roskill. If you require quality care and education I am able to care for and educate your child.

I am from Bangladesh and I speak Bengali and English. I have a Bachelor of Education from Bangladesh and also a Level 6 diploma in business. I have had plenty of experience with teaching children in my country and now look forward to using my skills and talents in New Zealand.

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profile photo Reshma Lata-369-671-4172

Hello my name Reshma, I live in Otahuhu with three children. I am originally from Fiji. I speak Hindi and English.

I enjoy working with children and watching them develop and grow within the Homebased learning environment by providing experiences such as water play, painting, literacy,physical activity, quiet time with puzzles and books and so much more!

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Shalini Waiti-132

Kia Ora, My name is Shalini Wati. My education is at high school and I have experience with looking after my two children, one who is now 17 years old, second one is 11 years old. Both of them are girls and when I came to New Zealand I looked after a child who was 3 years old, New Zealand born.

My personal philosophy for early childhood is that children learn best through play. I love observing children as they learn and grow as confident and competent learners. A child's job is to learn about the world around them through fun and engaging activities and positive experience in the natural environment.

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sharon lowres1
Botany Downs

Hi, I’m Sharon and I live in Botany Downs, Auckland. I have lived in this area for the last 20 years and I have five adult children and five grandchildren. I live with two of my children who work full time.

I have been with JeMMa's for the last five years and prior to that I was doing home-based care for Barnardos for 11 years and privately for four years. As I don’t drive, we go for lots of walks and bus rides which the children really enjoy. These activities are fitted in around the children’s routines and when the weather permits. 

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photo Zilvia Lata-751

Hello, Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Melo e lelei, Bula and Namaste!

I’m Nalini Zilvia Sharma and started in mid-2015 with JeMMa’s as an Educarer. I am very, very passionate about children, Early Childhood Education and Childcare, sharing Jemma’s philosophy that teaching and caring for children in a home environment offers so many more benefits. The personal touch that this option offers is truly unmatched.

My own mission is to provide top quality childcare and pre-school education services to the children under my care, providing their parents with peace of mind and high levels of satisfaction.

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Jemmas Website caregivers page r5 c7

Hi my name is Lovely, I’m a mother of two children aged 11 & 8 years. I have 10 years experience as a pre-school teacher and also did voluntary work as a caretaker at a church school (part time). Through taking care of those children I got to understand the children’s needs and interests, this created a passion in me to join as an Educarer for JeMMa`s.

Now, I am a full time Educarer which allows me to give my heart and soul to my passion.I always make sure my home is full of fun, age appropriate equipment and toys. I guarantee children in my care will be as comfortable and secure as if they are in their own home.

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ythel photot-2421

Hi, I'm Ythel, from the Philippines, I have been in New Zealand for 4 years now. I finished my Bachelor degree in Psychology. Being a Psychology graduate I have mastered how to deal and approach different types of character especially for children. I am married for 21 years now, have 2 kids, my eldest is 20 years old and my youngest is 10 years old. 

My family is very active in the music ministry in our church. for the past years, I look after for my friends kids. I enjoy the company of children and sensitive in their needs. I see to it that their safety is my main priority and treat these children as my own kids. I love cooking, singing and playing with my family.

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This could be you?
  • Have you ever thought about becoming an Educarer with JeMMa’s?
  • Are you finding that going back to work isn’t easy?
  • Have you considered looking after peoples children in your home?
  • If this sounds like you, click the link below for more information

Our Educarers are recruited using a very strong selection process

We take the safety of your child very seriously.  Each and every one of our Educarers is thoroughly checked using our recruitment vetting system.  Part of this system requires all Educarers to have a squeaky clean police record and a full medical assessment.
Further to this, Co-ordinators (who are all fully qualified and registered early childhood teachers) complete a full assessment of every property to ensure that it meets Ministry of Education safety requirements.

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