Hi my name is Lovely Joseph and I am a mother of two children aged 15 and 12 years. I have been with JeMMa’s since 2016 and have a great passion for ECE and homebased care.

I really enjoy my role as an educator and in my time here  I have further developed  my skills and understanding of children needs. I now have a level 4 Open Polytechnic Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

Having good relationships with all the parents of children under my care is important to me and I have always received great feedback from families.

My home is full of fun, age appropriate equipments and toys.

I maintain a high level of hygiene and safety measures to ensure the children are well protected and safe.

I guarantee children in my care will be as comfortable and secure as if they are in their own home.

I look forward to welcoming lots more children into my home!!


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December 18, 2018