Hello,  I am Sureka.

I have lived in New Zealand since about 2010. I came from a country called Sri Lanka and I keep my heritage close to me and encourage my children to learn more about both New Zealand, Sri Lankan and other cultures.

I have been a mother to my own children since 2002 and I have been a Homebased Educator with Jemma’s Homebased Childcare since 2019.  I love looking after and teaching children and I have looked after 6 children aged from 0 to 4 years old. Being around children makes me happy and I love learning more about their interests and supporting and fostering their curiosity to learn about the world around them.

I have completed my Level 4 Early Childhood Certificate through the Open Polytechnic. This course focuses on the New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum, how to provide a safe, healthy & stimulating environment for children and fostering children’s interests within a homebased environment and how children can benefit from being in a homebased environment.

I believe it is important for all children to receive the same attention and care as then they will learn better. I provide both stimulating indoor and outdoor play spaces.  Children have the opportunity to learn by playing with toys, reading books, listening to and singing nursery rhymes, drawing and many other activities.  Outside, the children can play in the sand pit, on the slide, there is water play and ride ride-on bikes.  I have an eating area and a sleeping area so the children’s health is promoted.  I have several parks nearby in Sunnyvale where I like taking the children on a nice day so they can have fun.

I love being an Educator for Jemma’s Homebased Childcare as it provides me with a great opportunity for me to help encourage young minds.



New Zealand Certificate in Early Education & Care (Level 4)


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October 10, 2019