Become a JeMMa’s Educator

Are you passionate about childcare and seeking a fulfilling career opportunity?

Consider becoming a JeMMa’s educator!

At JeMMa’s, we offer you the opportunity to run your own childcare business from the comfort of your home. With our support, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own schedule and hourly rate, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your family’s routine.

Comprehensive Support System

Our comprehensive support system includes access to a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who will provide guidance and assistance as you navigate your journey as an educator. You’ll also benefit from our extensive toy library and nursery equipment, enriching children’s learning experiences in your care.

Investing in Your Professional Development

In addition to running your business, JeMMa’s invests in your professional development. You’ll receive free Level 4 Early Childhood Training, ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality education and care.

    Why Choose JeMMa’s?

    Our focus is on providing quality education and care in a home environment. You’ll build strong relationships with parents or caregivers, ensuring children’s needs are met while receiving exceptional support and advice from our team to help you succeed.

    Membership Benefits

    As a JeMMa’s educator, you’ll also enjoy membership benefits, including free membership of the Homebased Association. Plus, we prioritise your health and safety by offering free First Aid training and a complimentary Flu Jab.

    Here is a full list you’ll receive as a JeMMa’s Educator:

    • Free level 4 Early Childhood Training. (T&C’s apply)
    • Free membership of the Homebased Association.
    • Exceptional support & advice from a qualified Visiting Teacher.
    • Professional Development Opportunities.
    • Free Toy library & Nursery equipment available
    • Free First Aid
    • Free Flu Jab

    Tax Benefits 

    At JeMMa’s we embrace the flexibility and benefits of being self-employed educators. While the term “self-employed” might sound daunting, it actually comes with several advantages, especially when it comes to taxes.

    One of the perks of working from home and running your own homebased childcare business is the tax allowance provided by the IRD to help cover business expenses. These allowances change annually. For 2024, the allowance is $3.75 per child per hour. This tax allowance replaces the need to claim business expenses, simplifying tax time and eliminating the need to keep receipts. Essentially, this means you won’t pay taxes on the first $3.75 per child per hour you earn, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

    Let’s break it down:

    Suppose one child is enrolled with you for 40 hours per week at a rate of $7 per hour.

    • Total fee: 40 hours x $7 = $280
    • Your allowance from IRD: 40 hours x $3.75 = $150.00
    • Taxable income: $130 ($280 Total fee – $150 Tax allowance = $130)

    So, for one week of providing education to one child, you’ll receive $280, but only $130 will be subject to tax. The remaining $150 goes straight into your pocket.

    Now, imagine you have four children enrolled for 40 hours each……

    • Total income: $1120
    • Taxable income: $1120 – ($3.75 x 4 x 40) = $520

    Even with four children enrolled, you’ll only have to pay tax on $520 of your total income.

    These tax allowances are just one aspect of the benefits of being a home-based educator with JeMMa’s. There are additional advantages that can further reduce your tax obligations, which we can discuss with you in more detail.

    Based on 4 Tamariki

    Hours Worked: 40
    Reimbursement: $7 per hour
    Income: $280 per child

    Total Income


    Only pay tax on


    Tax payable*


    * based on 17.5% income tax rate

    Take home pay


    Based on 4 Tamariki

    Hours Worked: 40
    Reimbursement: $7 per hour
    Income: $280 per child

    Total Income


    Only pay tax on


    Tax payable*


    * based on 17.5% income tax rate

    Take home pay


    Take the first step towards running your own successful childcare business from home with JeMMa’s. Enquire now to see if you qualify!


    Take the first step towards running your own homebased childcare with JeMMa’s. Enquire now!


    Have more questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us for more info.

    How does JeMMa’s operate/work?

    JeMMa’s operates as a home-based childcare service. New educators run their childcare under the banner and support of JeMMa’s. Parents pay educators directly and If parents receive childcare subsidies from Work and Income, we pass these subsidies directly onto the educator.

    How much can I earn as a JeMMa’s Educator?

    You set your own rates for your home-based childcare as well as your own hours so you are in complete control of how much you earn as a JeMMa’s Educator.

    Can I choose the days I work? Is there a minimum?

    Yes, you may choose the days and hours that work for you and your family.

    How much paperwork/admin do I need to do?

    There is some administrative work required, including record-keeping and reporting as per regulatory requirements in New Zealand. We provide support and guidance to assist you with this aspect.

    Do I have to find my own children?

    We work collaboratively with Educators to develop a marketing package to promote yourself online with support from the coordinator. Inquiries come through our website and phone line that we match with available Educators. Jemmas works best to match the desires from families with Educators such as but not limited to, age, location, days, hours, interests, values, hourly rate, and environments. The decision is mutual between Educators and Parents whether the enrolment goes ahead or not.

    How do I plan for children’s learning?

    You will receive support and guidance from a qualified registered Visiting teacher who mentors you to effectively plan, implement and assess children’s learning. Your visiting teacher will offer you strategies and play ideas that support each child. You’ll also receive free Level 4 Early Childhood Training, ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality education and care.

    Do I have to pay for toys and resources?

    You’ll benefit from a range of resources and access to nursery equipment. You may wish to purchase other toys and resources on top of this.

    Where do children sleep?

    Nap areas should be designated within your childcare space, and we can provide guidance on safety measures, including the use of monitors and safe places to sleep if necessary.

    Can other adults be on the property/visiting?

    All regular visitors are Police Vetted who are 17 years and older. Educators with children often meet up for group play opportunities and this is sometimes at the Educators home or often out and about in the community such as parks, and playgroups.

    Family Visitors to the property are encouraged to come outside of enrolled childcare hours.

    How many Children can I have in my care?

    As a JeMMa’s Educator you can have a maximum of four children in care per day. Of these four children, only two will be between ages 0 – 2 years.

    Is there support for health and safety?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive support and training in health and safety protocols to ensure a safe environment for children and educators, in accordance with New Zealand regulations and Worksafe NZ.

    What if there is an emergency?

    We have emergency procedures in place and provide training to handle various emergency situations effectively.

    What if my child or I am sick?

    If you or your child are sick you are able to close for that day/ period and parents who have paid for this period will receive a refund for this time.

    Is my property suitable for a homebased care?

    We assess the suitability of your property during the application process. Our team will provide guidance on any necessary adjustments or modifications.

    Do I have to own my own home?

    No you don’t, however we do recommend you get permission from your landlord.

    Can I take children out in the community?

    Yes, you may take children off the property for educational outings or activities, provided proper safety measures and permissions are in place.

    Do I need to provide food?

    You are welcome to provide food if you wish. Some Educators like to offer food as part of their healthy eating values and this is reflected in the hourly rate. Some Educators prefer children to bring a healthy prepacked lunch provided by their parents/ caregivers.