Hi my name is Bev, I work for JeMMas Homebased Education and Childcare, I have children of my own and two of them are twins so I have had plenty of experience in childcare. Previously I have also worked in before school and after school care and preschool. My passion is providing quality care and education for children. In total I have six children of my own 4 adults and 2 ages 8 and 2 years old. I have recently been involved in further study and have achieved qualification of Early Childcare certificate level 4, which i am very proud of. In my learning environment I offer the children routines, free play and exploration within health and safety guidelines.

I provide opportunities for children in care with engaging learning experiences through such involvement in messy play of all kinds. I also provide the children indoor outdoor play where children are encouraged to make choices, investigate and use their thinking and reasoning skills to encourage self discovery and learn alongside others.

For babies I provide age appropriate stimulation within a nurturing loving environment which is for all children in care at Bev’s.


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December 19, 2018