Unlock Your Child's Potential with Home-Based Education!

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Home-Based Education!

Welcome to JeMMa’s: Where Learning and Fun Thrive at Home

Discover JeMMa’s, where children learn and play in a nurturing home-based environment.

We focus on personalised attention and flexibility, we create a warm atmosphere where your child can feel comfortable and excited to learn. Incorporating everyday activities into educational events, your child gets the best of both worlds; they learn and develop skills to cope with everyday life.

Join us and watch your child flourish in a space designed for growth and fun.

Jemma's homebased childcare

Want your child to learn and play in a nurturing homebased environment?

Our group of well-trained, in-home educators offer a unique and flexible service for parents who want to set their children up to love learning and have fun.

Jemma's homebased childcare

Want to become a JeMMa’s Educator? Enquire to see if you qualify.

Being an educator allows you to stay at home with your own children while still earning an income. Plus your children get enriched by socialising with other children.

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Our service is set up to accommodate everybody.

Why Choose JeMMa’s Home-Based Childcare?

Find out why families love JeMMa’s! With us, your child gets personalized attention, learns in a familiar environment, and we’re flexible to fit your schedule.

Familiar environment

Children thrive in a familiar environment, feeling more comfortable and increasing their ability to learn.

Best of both worlds

Incorporating everyday activities into education helps children learn skills for daily life.

Quality Time

With a maximum of 4 children per educator, your child receives tailored attention, focusing on their specific needs.

Time to nurture

In a small group setting, educators can take their time with enriching activities, fostering a deeper learning experience.


Home-based education offers unmatched flexibility, allowing for personalised care and education plans.

Suited to your Schedule

Overnight and weekend care options accommodate various schedules, ensuring your child’s needs are met while you pursue other commitments.

I’ve started working with Jemma’s recently and I’m glad to join this wonderful team. Rose is the best coordinator one can ever have. Kids also await her visit as she’s their Santa (who comes every month) and brings in new resources. Working at home means my kids can stay home during school holidays and also having to play with the little ones. Thank you for having me on board.


I’m with Jemma’s for 4 years now and I am very grateful for the support that they provided for all the educators and children especially during the lockdown. Constant follow up with parents like simple text asking how are we doing is heart melting 😍. I would also like to congratulate all the staff for doing a great job during ERO visit. Hats off guys!


Brilliant home based childcare service! My son attends and he really enjoys going. His lovely carer and his amazing co-ordinator are always coming up with new and creative activities for him. It’s great having him in a home based environment as well – definately recommend Jemmas to anyone considering them!


I have my little boy with Amber in Papamoa. Amber has been the most wonderful, supportive and loving carer for Beau. He loves his time at Amber’s and especially his time with little Evie. I cannot recommend Amber and Jemma’s enough. The process to sign up, and establish a good routine (and deal with my first time Mum leaving first bub at care nerves) has been superb. Thank you for everything x


Kia Ora. I’m new to my role as a Co-ordanarior with JeMMas and loving every moment. Such a great support for Educarers, families and our children. Jemmas in home education programme that fits well with my philosophy. I love the one on one that our children receive.


My daughter has been going to Jemmas home based child care for a few months now, and it has been the best few months! Rebecca has been so wonderful and patient and supportive with me and Storm. So grateful for everything Jemmas has done for us!! Best experience ever!!


My daugher Abbie LOVES her educarer Janine. She is so happy, and it’s lovely to know she is getting the one on one attention she wouldn’t get in a big centre.