Tena koutou

As you are aware there has been some food related changes in Early Learning settings and you may be wondering what this looks like for you and your child attending JeMMa’s.
• If your Educator provides all food then the below list of banned foods are excluded from being served.
• Any Educator who attends a share food celebration then parents and Educator’s must ensure that the banned foods are excluded.
• Parents who provide their child lunchboxes then it is at your discretion what you pack. JeMMa’s supports the Ministry of Health guidelines and have attached these for your reference.

Banned foods as per the Ministry of Health Guidelines:

• • whole or pieces of nuts
• • large seeds, like pumpkin or sunflower seeds
• • hard or chewy sweets or lollies
• • crisps or chippies
• • hard rice crackers
• • dried fruit
• • sausages, saveloys and cheerios
• • popcorn
• • marshmallows.