A new 2020 edition of the Guide is now available.  It is free!

Topics covered are:

  • Making a Start to Getting Your Ducks in Row
  • What is Early Childhood Education and Early Learning?
  • Personal Options for Childcare and Early Learning
  • What Children Need
  • The Licensing System
  • ECE Services
  • A Sample of Concerns Parents Can Have When Deciding to Use ECE or Not
  • Costs and Financial Assistance
  • Beginning your Search
  • My ECE Checklist for Choosing an ECE Service
  • What makes up Quality ECE
  • The My ECE Code of Children’s Rights in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • The Benefits and Risks of ECE for Children
  • Education Curriculum: Te Whāriki
  • Key Teacher / Primary Caregiver
  • Preparing for Take Off
  • Looking Out for Your Child
  • Speaking Up When Something is Wrong
  • The Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Services
  • It’s a Feeling… Knowing it is Right

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