Jodi’s Philosophy

Hi, I’m Jodi and I am a qualified Early childhood teacher and hold a degree in early childhood education. I’ve also completed the Incredible years Teaching and parenting programmes. I have been working as an Early childhood teacher in centres for over 15 years.

I love to take children into our stunning local environment to learn through play and exploration in nature (Bush Kura).  Sharing my passion for growing our own food and eating fruit and vegetables freshly picked is also something I enjoy sharing with children.
As a musician I find that connecting through music and creating music with children has enormous benefits on many levels. Check out ‘Add yourself to the sound’ on spotify, a kids album I wrote and performed a few years ago under the name Snapdragon.

Storytelling is also something I love to share, telling a story from the imagination, involving children to co-create the story and encouraging them to share their own stories..”The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”, (Albert Einstien).
My own hobbies include mountain biking, paddle boarding and gardening.
If this sounds like something you and your child might be interested in please contact Jemmas..Aroha nui, Jodi.




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July 30, 2019