Hi I’m Crista, I live in Kaiaua with my partner and our 4 kids. Our kids are 14, 6, 3 and 1 years.

 We have lived in Kaiaua for just over 3 years and we really enjoy the little sea side community. We go to Kaiaua School, are part of the Kaiaua Boating Club and I also help run the Kaiaua Playgroup. 

 Our family loves to spend time outside so it’s great that we live straight across the road from the beach and that we have a nice big section! 

 I have a safe and fun learning environment and believe that kids learn through play. Where we live gives kids plenty of opportunity to explore nature and there will be plenty of inside fun too, with books, music and arts and crafts. 

 Come and play with us!


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August 8, 2019