Update on Covid-19 management by JeMMa’s.
While we are now in level 1 and there are no restrictions other than at our border JeMMa’s would like to reassure all families that we will continue to practice good hygiene in all Educators homes.
– Regular cleaning of surfaces and equipment/toys.
– Encouraging the use of hand sanitiser.
– Encouraging hand washing.
– Reminding parents to not bring unwell children into care.
– Asking parents if they mind the children going to mainly music and playgroup sessions before they go.
– Taking precautions when on outings 😊
While there is no longer any mandatory contact tracing necessary , some of our Educators continue to do this for everyone’s safety & peace of mind.
All children must be signed in on daily timesheets regardless so we will have a form of contact tracing in all homes.
We would encourage parents to keep there own records of contact tracing as per the Govt guidelines suggestion.
Thank you & lets continue to keep well and safe x