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Our philosophy

Philosophy Statement
JeMMa’s is a privately owned quality home-based education and childcare service that provides professional, well-resourced, affordable childcare in the homes of carefully selected Educarers.

Our professional team of Educarers, Registered Teachers and Management is committed to ongoing partnership with Families, Wh
ánau and Children. JeMMa’s provides planned programmes for children based on Te wháriki (the New Zealand national early childhood curriculum). We provide an environment that upholds our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.
Our learning environments embrace the cultural diversity of local communities, Christian values and the belief that all children are unique and learn best through play.
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At JeMMa's we believe that home-based education and care is the next best alternative to learning at home with Mum or Dad

These days when you chose education and care options for your little ones, you have choices. When Jenny Tyrrell started JeMMa's she could see that there was a real need for a quality home-based service.

As a kindergarten teacher Jenny could see that children who learnt in a comfortable home-based environment seemed to develop strong problem solving, social and learning skills.

Because they were in a comfortable, uncrowded environment children got the chance to develop and learn at steady pace with all the help they needed.

JeMMa’s children receive lots of one-on-one time with their Educarer, as well as interaction with other children in different age groups.

These are two core components in the development of happy, energetic, sharing, respectful, thoughtful, problem solving and fun loving kids.
We believe that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers should have an extensive supply of books, puzzles, games and activities.

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Your child will get more opportunities to do activities in the community that they might not get elsewhere

We place huge importance on the safety, learning and development of your child

Leaving your child with someone new can be hard at first.  It’s not uncommon to have questions about safety and you want to be assured that the person looking after your child is adequately monitored and is held accountable for your child’s learning progress. We feel it is important to talk with all parents about the measures we take to ensure your child gets the quality care and education we promised to you when you enrolled with us.

Education and development:

To ensure that your child is getting the learning experiences he or she needs during their developmental stages, our Co-ordinators  conduct scheduled monthly visits. During these visits our Co-ordinators (who are fully qualified ECE teachers) conduct a 5 point assessment. This includes:
  1. An assessment of safety to ensure the property remains safe for your child.
  2. An overview of each child’s portfolio of learning (learning records are kept by Educarers for each child).
  3. Observations of each child as they participate in learning activities – this is conducted to measure their development against the record of learning kept by the Educarers.
  4. A discussion with the Educarers where further educational and developmental activities are suggested.
  5. A summary of the progress and observations is then written in each child’s portfolio for their parents to read.
Each Co-ordinator also conducts regular unannounced visits. This ensures that Educarers maintain standards at all times.

Our Educarers are recruited using a very strong selection process

We take the safety of your child very seriously.  Each and every one of our Educarers is thoroughly checked using our recruitment vetting system.  Part of this system requires all Educarers to have a squeaky clean police record and a full medical assessment.
Further to this, Co-ordinators (who are all fully qualified and registered early childhood teachers) complete a full assessment of every property to ensure that it meets Ministry of Education safety requirements.

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