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Listed below is a selection of the most Frequently Asked Questions by parents looking to enroll their children or by people who are considering becoming a home-based Educarer with JeMMa's. If you find that your questions are not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us by making an online enquiry or by calling us on our free phone: 0800 536 627.

What is JeMMa’s Homebased Childcare?

JeMMa’s is a privately owned Early Childhood Homebased Education and Childcare Service, licensed with the Ministry of Education.  JeMMa’s has been operating in the Greater Auckland area since September 2000. We now have offices in Henderson (servicing Auckland), and Morrinsville (servicing the Waikato) and Tauranga (servicing the greater Western Bay of Plenty Area, including Waihi and Paeroa) meeting their standards and requirements.

What is Homebased Childcare?

Homebased Childcare enables pre-school children to be educated and cared for in the homes of carefully selected Educarers. It is aimed at those who need childcare in an environment that isn’t far away from the environment your child experiences at home. Parents want an alternative to childcare centres, and JeMMa’s has a ratio of one adult to four children.

Who are the Educarers?

JeMMa’s Educarers range from trained early childhood Educarers, nurses and teachers, to people willing to have ‘on the job’ training. All Educarer’s hold a current First Aid Certificate. Courses are arranged through our sourced Training Provider at no cost to the Educarer. All training is offered to maximize your ability to provide Quality Education and Care to the children in your home. Training evenings are organized through JeMMa’s and Educarers are required to attend. Educarers can attend community based courses for Professional Development. Training in ECE level 4 is done through Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. (Read Policy 12).

How do Educarers get selected?

Educarers need to demonstrate an excellent command of both written and verbal English, a warm caring personality, experience with children and an awareness of their individual needs. Their homes must comply with the Ministry of Education’s (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 and Licensing Criteria for Home-Based Education and Care Services 2008, which requires that each home must have a fenced outdoor area for children to play in and provide a smoke-free, safe, secure and stimulating environment both inside and outside the home.  Prospective Educarers are required to provide three personal references and a doctor’s reference and all adults over 18 years living in the home are required to have police checks.

How many hours do I have to work if I want to become an Educarer?

JeMMa’s arranges childcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week for parents. Our hours are very flexible but, an Educarer with JeMMa’s requires a minimum of nine hours per week. Should you like to take time off during the year, you are required to give parents and JeMMa’s two weeks’ notice to enable emergency care to be found for the children in your care.

What documentation is expected of Educarers?

Educarers are required to complete all administration tasks required by JeMMa’s ie: write daily /weekly learning, events and experiences in children’s Portfolios. Complete and send weekly timesheets to JeMMa’s.  Educarers are to work with the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum-Te Whâriki.  To work closely with their parents and develop relationships that benefits the children.

What support to Educarers get?

Every Educarer has a Co-ordinator who is a qualified registered teacher, who visits a minimum of once a month and provides them with all resources necessary to care for and educate the children i their care. All our Educarers have access to the JeMMa’s extensive Toy Library via their Co-ordinator.

Do Educarers pay tax?

Yes. A contractor tax code is in common with other Homebased Childcare Services throughout the country. JeMMa’s Homebased Education and Childcare Educarers are not employees of JeMMa’s. Therefore Educarers are responsible for any income tax liability reimbursements less their costs incurred in providing that care. This may be either the actual costs, for which full records must be kept, or the “Standard Cost of Care” as set out in IRD’s Determination DET09-02, which cover expenses for wear and tear on your home, equipment / resources heating and items required by the Ministry’s Regulation Order. Educarers are advised to put aside at least $5 of every $100 received to meet their tax liability. Educarers are also responsible for any ACC levies on their income. Contracted Educarers can set their own rate and establish their own hours.

What happens if JeMMa's recieve complaints regarding Educarers?

If a complaint is received by JeMMa’s about an Educarer, the complaint will be investigated with support and if the complaint is upheld the Educarer will not be not entitled to be paid for the two week notice period.

What are the enrollment options?

Fixed enrolled/booked hours: Set days and hours permanently booked
Roster: Hours and days vary from week to week
Casual: On the day bookings

What days and hours are JeMMa's open?

JeMMa’s is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Overnight and weekend care is available

How much will it cost?

The hourly rate is negotiated between the parent/guardian and educarer and starts at $5.50 per hour. WINZ subsidies are available to eligible families through Work and Income. JeMMa's subsidy is also available. An Administration Fee of $35 per annum is charged on the 1st of April each year. A Set Up fee of $30 is payable for casual enrolments.  

How many children are there in each Educarers home?

There are no more than 4 children at each educarers home, ratios are 1 adult to 4 children and can be made up of 2 children under 2yrs and 2 children over 2 yrs or 4 children over 4 yrs old.

What happens when my educarer is sick?

Alternative childcare arrangements are organised by the parent/guardian and educarer. JeMMa’s endeavors to organise emergency care with other approved educarers in the area at short notice, but it pays for parents to have a backup plan in advance.

What do I send my child with each day?

- A packed lunch box with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and bottles depending on the hours they are with their Educarer.
- Enough nappies for the duration of each day, plus any creams you are using.
- Enough spare clothes for when play and work gets them wet or dirty.
- Bed linen - however some educarers provide linen, it is decided on between the families and educarer.

How will I know what my child is learning?

Evidence is documented in each child’s portfolio, which is available for you to view and discuss at any time. Family contribution on a regular basis is encouraged.

Who decides which Educarer the childen go to?

Parents are provided with all available Educarers; parents meet each of them and decide who their preference is. When both Educarer and Parents are happy, an enrolment can be completed.


Our Educarers are recruited using a very strong selection process

We take the safety of your child very seriously.  Each and every one of our Educarers is thoroughly checked using our recruitment vetting system.  Part of this system requires all Educarers to have a squeaky clean police record and a full medical assessment.
Further to this, Co-ordinators (who are all fully qualified and registered early childhood teachers) complete a full assessment of every property to ensure that it meets Ministry of Education safety requirements.

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