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My name is Iveta Ongley. I am a qualified fully registered early childhood teacher with eight years of New Zealand centre experience at both teaching and management levels as well as two years of home-based teaching experience. I am a mum to an amazing three year old girl who delights me every day with her smiles, budding personality and adventures.

Through my studies and experience I learnt how important the first years of children’s lives are and that a strong and loving relationship with significant adults is vital for the development of a child’s body, mind and soul. That’s why I am so passionate about home-based care and education where creating this all important relationship comes so naturally and is the key to children’s happiness and success in life.

I have a strong philosophy on teaching and learning of young children. My practice is influenced by the work of Dr Emmi Pikler and RIE philosophy. This is a philosophy of respect; a philosophy based on relationships and natural development.

I believe that the great outdoors are where the most discoveries and learning happen. I love natural and simple resources and in my opinion, the simpler the object is the more imagination and creativity children use when engaging with it, therefore exercising their brains fully.

Our Educarers are recruited using a very strong selection process

We take the safety of your child very seriously.  Each and every one of our Educarers is thoroughly checked using our recruitment vetting system.  Part of this system requires all Educarers to have a squeaky clean police record and a full medical assessment.
Further to this, Co-ordinators (who are all fully qualified and registered early childhood teachers) complete a full assessment of every property to ensure that it meets Ministry of Education safety requirements.

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